What does weight loss look like to you?  


Flatter stomach, lean muscle, lose fat  around your waist, slimmer hips and thighs, less cellulite, no more bloated belly, your jeans fitting better, losing a stone or less bloating?​

  • Are your ‘go to’ diets not working? 

  • Have you reached a plateau? 

  • Do you give in to your cravings? 

  • Are you feeling heavy and bloated?

  • Would you like to feel lighter?

  • Would you like a flatter stomach? ​


Choose from either our focused Online Nutrition Consultations or our 12 month motivational  Weight Management Coaching program

Online Nutritionist London

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, then you are not alone. At Think Nutrition, Hilary has helped thousands of people with sustained, safe weight loss that can be attained, often, quite quickly. If you are looking for effective weight loss with longevity rather than a quick fix, fad diet, you’ve come to the right place! 

​During her 20 years as a Nutritionist, Hilary has helped people to work smart and achieve their weight loss goals through functional Nutrition, whether this is looking good on the beach, getting ready for a special event, or simply because you want to look and feel your best. 

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Are your old ‘go to’ diets not working any more? 

Are you struggling to lose a few pounds? 

Has fat suddenly appeared around your waist? 

Just can’t manage to get your stomach flat?

Having trouble fitting into your clothes?

Losing hope of reducing your beer belly?

Would you like to feel lighter?


Online Nutritionist London

For weight loss, Functional Nutrition is pivotal to long lasting results, as too is a positive mindset. Hilary can look at both of these avenues with you to help you to achieve sustained weight loss and reach your goals, either with an online Nutrition Consultation or with our Weight Management Coaching program. By looking at the key underlying areas that may be contributing to your weight concerns, we can put in place a protocol to help get your body rebalanced and back in sync. There are many areas that can help with weight loss and it is our role to uncover which factors may be affecting your body specifically. Everyone has the same biochemistry but what may help you may not help someone else. Whether you are looking to look better in your bikini or fit into your favourite jeans or party dress, take your first step and get in touch with us today. 

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