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Skin issues have been one of the most rewarding during Hilary’s last 20 years as a Nutritionist. We often see someone with a skin condition can be really affected emotionally whether it be due to spots for no reason, itchy rashes, dry skin, itchy skin or acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis. We understand that skin conditions can affect your confidence and cause constant worry or distress. 

At Think Nutrition, we know that your skin issues are important to you and Hilary has helped many people with skin issues over the years. Her aim is always to help you with integrity and to the best of her ability, so that you can enjoy your life.

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Hilary has helped skin concerns for people of all ages from babies to children, teenagers and adults, from all walks of life and from all over the world. Her most inspiring story is of a 6 year old boy, Carlos, covered from head to toe in thick, scaly, red, pus, bleeding psoriasis which disappeared completely, within 6 weeks. By looking at the underlying factors contributing to his psoriasis, Hilary was able to put together a protocol for his psoriasis. His father had flown from abroad to seek help with Hilary, after nothing else had helped and was elated that his son could once again be able to be a carefree, happy boy, free of psoriasis.

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The skin is the largest detoxification of the body, and if there is a problem with your skin, this may point to an imbalance or toxic pathogen within your body. Over the years, Hilary helped many skin issues on this basis including itchy skin, rashes, dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and acne rosacea. In your Nutrition Consultation, Hilary may recommend a test to identify any toxicities or biochemical imbalances. From the results , she can help to rebalance and detoxify your body. By working from the core and inhibiting the root causes, the skin can become healthy again.


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At Think Nutrition, we look forward to hearing from you about any skin issue that you have and you can be sure that Hilary will be empathetic and understanding of your skin concerns whether it be dry skin, spots, itchy skin, rashes or acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or any other skin issue.

“My skin has cleared up and i'm very grateful, thank you Hilary.” 

J.D, London

Take your first step today, so that we can help you to look and feel your best.


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