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Our Online Nutrition Consultations mean that you can benefit from the expertise of Hilary, a Harley Street Nutritionist, from the comfort of your own home or at work. Your 1st Online Nutrition Consultation will look at the underlying factors that may be contributing to your health and wellbeing concerns, at a core level. By utilising both functional nutrition and optimum nutrition, a protocol will be devised to help you move forward towards optimum health, wellbeing and vitality. You may be advised that a biochemical test would be advantageous to helping your health concerns. (60 Minutes). All major cards accepted.



Whilst we pride ourselves on achieving results as quickly as possible, often within one Nutrition Consultation, for many health concerns, especially symptoms that have been ongoing for a while, a 2nd Online Nutrition Consultation is required. Functional Nutrition adjustments can be needed inorder for your protocol to work at optimum levels to achieve the level of health you wish for. The 2nd Online Nutrition Consultation is usually held about 4-6 weeks following your 1st Nutrition Consultation and/or following the receipt of your test results to set up an actionable protocol for you to follow. (60 Minutes). All major cards accepted.



Follow Up Online Nutrition Consultations are required to make specific changes to your existing protocol and take into account any changes that your body may be going through, personal circumstances and lifestyle issues such as additional stress. Alternatively, you may have a new goal now that you are feeling better and would like to work together to achieve e.g. weight loss for summer or shaping up before Christmas. (45 Minutes). All major cards accepted.



Enjoy 12 months of Wellbeing Coaching with Hilary Kingston, Nutritionist and Life Coach and in one year see the differences in your life. Bringing you regular input and motivation, to inspire you in creating a NEW YOU, our new Wellbeing & Weight Management Coaching or our Wellbeing and Life Coaching programs may be just what you have been looking for. This is a great way to transform yourself, for a special birthday year, a special event or holiday, or because you just feel it is time to get your life on track again. Combining functional and optimum nutrition, stress management techniques, wellbeing and life coaching, this is the time to leave the past behind you, bring in positive goals, to feel and look your best. The Wellbeing Coaching Courses include 2 x 60 Minute Sessions and 10 x 45 Minute Sessions. Book your first 1 hour session today. All major cards accepted.


This Wellbeing and Weight Management Coaching Course brings in a fresh, new energy to get you on track, feeling even more vitality and positivity. Any areas associated with weight loss that may be holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals will be identified. How do these impact you? Do you feel a lack of confidence about how you currently look? What does losing weight mean to you? How would it make you feel to lose weight? Everyone is individual and weight loss can mean different things to different people. We also help people who want to put on weight including those with anorexia or bulimia. Start believing that your ideal body shape is becoming your reality and book with us today. Click the Book Now button to invest in yourself and the Wellbeing and Weight Management Coaching Course and book your first 60 minute session. All major cards accepted.


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This Wellbeing & Life Coaching Course includes motivational coaching, identifying blocks or areas holding you back, working with you towards optimum nutrition, vitality and peak performance. This may include achieving your goals of increasing lean muscle, weight loss or conversely, putting on weight. Hilary will also look at any emotional blocks for e.g. overeating or stress related health problems and looking at the motivations behind these. You will also be working together setting new goals and outcomes to create the life you wish to live. An action orientated yet empathetic, holistic approach to wellbeing is the most effective way for lasting change in your life.  Invest in your health and happiness - take action today and transform your life. Click the Book Now button to invest in yourself and the Wellbeing and Life Coaching Course and book your first 60 minute session.


Save £350


“Hilary was the first person to approach my situation holistically. She has helped me deal with all of my problems of stress and bereavement, balance my nutrition, and my whole being. She is an amazing person, she takes the time to hear you out & works with you with an exceptional dedication to achieve your goals."

Joanna, London

“Hi Hilary, I just weighed myself and I have lost more weight - I never thought this was possible. My mind set has completely changed and I feel more mindful and positive. Thank you for doing what you do and helping me make these changes to lose weight. From a very happy and emotional client xxx."

Chris, London

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