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To celebrate 20 years in business, we are taking our prices back to 20 years ago.


Join us in celebrating and take advantage of this great offer.

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50% OFF


With over 20 years experience, you can benefit from the expertise of Hilary Kingston, top UK Nutritionist and celebrity Harley Street Nutritionist, from the comfort of your own home or at work with an online Nutritionist Consultation. Hilary helps people throughout the UK with a whole host of symptoms from everyday ones to more chronic ongoing or serious issues.

Are you experiencing any of the following ? Indigestion, IBS, IBD, diverticulitis, insomnia, low energy, feeling tired on waking, hormonal issues, headaches, sinus, skin issues (itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne or rashes), low libido, low lean muscle, hormonal imbalances, peri menopause, exhaustion, burnout, anxiety, feeling blue, cravings, weight loss or weight gain ? 

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These symptoms can be due to a combination of factors and Hilary will focus on these underlying factors that may be contributing to your symptoms, looking at the root causes, to rebalance your body at a core level. 

Each Nutritionist Consultation is bespoke and will give you actions and a protocol to help move you forward towards your goals.



(Limited Offer)


50% OFF


Experience all the benefits of professional insights into weight management and learn how to work with your mind & body to achieve your goals with our Weight Loss Coaching. 


At Think Nutrition, top UK Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach, Hilary Kingston, has helped thousands of people with sustained, safe weight loss. The aim is to get you back on track and in the drivers seat again. Often putting on weight, feeling bloated or suddenly getting a belly, can be confusing and stressful and we aim to take the worry out of weight loss for you. With Weight Loss Coaching, the focus is on rebalancing your body and helping your mindset, so that you can start to move forwards to achieve your goals.










Often a complex combination of interrelated underlying factors can be at play and the aim is to rebalancing these underlying factors inorder to help balance your body at a core level. We shall also be looking at changing your mindset, habits and old patterns to transform your actions and, therefore, your results. 

Take control of your life and start today.

  • Are you looking to feel lighter?

  • Are you feeling bloated or sluggish?

  • Are your clothes feeling tight?

  • Do you have a belly or a heavy waist? 

  • Are you experiencing cravings?

  • Are you self sabotaging ?

  • Do you get too tired to exercise?

  • Do you get gut issues, IBS?

  • Are you experiencing constipation?

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50% OFF


12 Sessions 

You may wish to invest in yourself with our Advanced Weight Loss Coaching Programs which spans over 12 sessions. You can choose from a 6 or 12 Month Program or accelerate on a 12 Week Program. Any areas associated with weight loss that may be holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals will be identified, this includes looking at any underlying factors which may need rebalancing, as well as transforming your mindset, habits and old patterns. Hilary Kingston, Weight Loss Coach & Nutritionist will work together with you and look at weight loss holistically, and help to identify any blocks or hurdles which may be preventing you from achieving your desired outcome. You can start believing that your ideal body shape is becoming your reality by implementing changes to habits and food choices and overcoming any emotional blocks, fear, sabotaging or exercise limitations. 






You can choose to have your sessions monthly over 1 year or condense them into 12 fortnightly sessions over 6 months or fast track with 1 session a week on the 12 Week Plan. Includes 2 x 45 Minute Sessions and 10 x 30 Minute Sessions.

Get inspired and start creating a NEW YOU for a special birthday year, a special event or holiday, or simply because you just feel it is time to get your life on track again. Bringing you regular input and motivation, our Advanced Weight Loss Coaching Program is a great way to transform yourself.


Combining functional and optimum nutrition, stress management techniques, health & fitness, holistic approaches as well as mindset and life coaching, this is the time to leave the past behind you, bring in positive goals, to feel and look your best.

Start the change you wish to see.


Invest in yourself today. 

Begin your Advanced Weight Loss Coaching Program today.

Getting fed up of getting no results?

Are you experiencing cravings or sabotaging?

Looking to shape up for summer/special event? 

Are you bloated or got a belly?

Had enough of an extra tire around your waist?

Finding it hard to get into your jeans?

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50% OFF


12 Sessions

Our Health and Wellbeing Coaching includes motivational coaching, identifying blocks or areas holding you back, working with you towards new goals and outcomes to create the life you wish to live. An action orientated yet empathetic, holistic approach to health and wellbeing is the most effective way for lasting change in your life. Maybe you have experienced a traumatic event, bereavement or a divorce and are struggling to get back on track. Has life taken over and you are out of control with eating or have lost your appetite? 

We can look at the underlying factors that may have become imbalanced due to these events and help to identify which ares need attention.

You may be in a place of inertia, feeling blocked and unable to move on. We shall be looking at setting up new patterns for your health and wellbeing which can help to you move you on and progress your life.


You may have experienced extreme stress due to family or work and the aim is to move you into a place where you can find inner peace.

Whatever your situation, it may be time to move on now. If you are reading this, then you are ready to take this step.

You can choose to have your sessions monthly over 1 year or condense them into 12 fortnightly sessions over 6 months.


Includes 2 x 45 Minute Sessions and 10 x 30 Minute Sessions.


Invest in your health and happiness - take action today and transform your life. 


Click the Book Now button 


Book your first Health and Wellbeing Coaching session today. 



30 minutes

50% OFF


For Continuing Coaching Clients Only




For Existing Coaching Clients Only 

2nd Coaching Session - Book Here (45 minutes)

Only book here if you are an existing coaching client, as otherwise your booking will be invalid. 


For Existing Coaching Clients Only 

Sessions 3-12 - Book Here  (30 minutes)

Only book here if you are an existing coaching client, as otherwise your booking will be invalid. 


“Hilary was the first person to approach my situation holistically. She has helped me deal with all of my problems of stress and bereavement, balance my nutrition, and my whole being. She is an amazing person, she takes the time to hear you out & works with you with an exceptional dedication to achieve your goals."

Joanna, London

“Hi Hilary, I just weighed myself and I have lost more weight - I never thought this was possible. My mind set has completely changed and I feel more mindful and positive. Thank you for doing what you do and helping me make these changes to lose weight. From a very happy and emotional client xxx."

Chris, London

“I have just started my coaching with Hilary and within my first month I have lost nearly a stone, I feel lighter and I definitely feel brighter. Also, my bloating has more or less disappeared already. If I carry on like this, I am going to look great for my 50th which is really amazing."

Emma, Lincoln

“Thank you Hilary for all your insights that you have passed on to me during our coaching sessions together. I am very grateful that I found you and all your expertise has been quite astounding. You seem to hit the nail on the head each time. I will be sad when our sessions come to an end. It's been really amazing to get so much inspirational help from you."

Sue, London


Kindly read the Terms and Conditions, including our Cancellation Policy and Charges.

Any appointments cancelled 24 hours or less before the appointment are non refundable.

This also applies to appointments where the relevant forms have not been received.

You will receive a Booking Confirmation email on booking. Please ensure that you follow the steps in the email.

You will need to sign, complete and return the Registration form and other information back to us at:

These documents must be received more than 24 hours prior to your appointment.

If we do not receive your Registration Form and the relevant information at least 24 hours before the start time of your appointment, it will be deemed as a non refundable cancellation. 


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