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When we think of hormones, we tend to think of male and female hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone. When these hormones become imbalanced, due to nutritional factors, stress and lifestyle, they can impact the body negatively. This gives rise to symptoms in females such as PMS, peri-menopausal hot flushes, weight gain and difficulty with weight loss, menopause symptoms, PCO’s, polycystic ovaries or fibroids. An imbalance of male hormones can bring low libido, infertility and low sperm count, issues with building lean muscle and weight gain around the abdomen. 

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Your body likes balance and this is especially true for your hormones. Therefore, your hormones adjust accordingly to keep your body safe and to keep you functioning, at any cost. This cost is to the other systems of your body and sets up a negative cycle leading to all sorts of symptoms. Symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances include diabetes, inflammatory conditions, high cholesterol, bloated stomach, dry skin, digestive problems such as IBS, constipation and diarrhoea, infertility, low libido, low energy, fatigue, exhaustion or hyper energy and insomnia. 

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Another area governed by your hormones is weight. Hormonal weight is characterised by a layer around the midriff or belly causing the famous ‘middle age spread’ or ‘beer belly’. Hormonal weight can also settle around the hips and thighs and cause cellulite. As you get older, you may be finding that it is harder to shift that extra layer and the same ‘quick fix’ diets are no longer working for you. This can be due to several factors which will be identified during your Online Nutrition Consultation.


“You saved my life Hilary! I had diabetes and my doctor recommended I came to see you and thank goodness I did! You got my blood sugar to below the diabetes level so I don't have diabetes anymore - I can't believe it in 6 weeks! I just wanted people to know there's an alternative out there. Best decision I've made!”  Peter, London


“I came to you wanting help with my skin, bloating and fertility issues of not being able to conceive. Your understanding is amazing and I really am grateful for your help. I am now pregnant and I truly never thought that would happen. Bless you. x”

Helen, London


“You have stopped my hot flushes and helped me get rid of my peri menopausal weight around my waist (thank goodness!!). I feel so much better, more relaxed and I can sleep at night now too. Thanks so much again.” Mandy, Leicestershire

“Thank you for your support in getting my weight back on track since the end of Covid - I felt like a blubber man! Knew you would be able to help me." old client Malcolm, Northamptonshire 

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