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Stress is a common phenomena in the 21st Century, and it is getting worse. With an increasingly fast paced life with mobiles and social media, plus the pressure to achieve, stress is becoming an everyday occurrence in today’s world. Stress can affect everyone and encompasses a myriad of symptoms, for both men and women, from feeling tired, but wired, living on your adrenalin, to exhaustion and finally burnout. Along with this, there are a whole host of other potential symptoms including weight gain, bloating, stomach pains, cravings, wind, IBS, indigestion, feeling ‘blue’ or depression, insomnia, poor concentration, a lack of focus, poor memory and even dry skin, itchy skin, rashes or eczema. Hormonal issues can also occur too, for females this can include PCO’s, PMS, weight gain or weightloss and subfertility, and for men, low testosterone, low lean muscle, low libido and fertility issues. 


These symptoms are presented to us everyday and are helped with Hilary’s experience from helping thousands of people as a Nutritionist in London’s corporates, where busy lives, stress and quick fix foods combined to cause a range of ‘nagging’ symptoms. Often these symptoms are linked by one or two underlying factors that, when identified, can be helped with a combination of optimum nutrition, rebalancing, targeted detoxification of the gut and stress management.

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An important component of the Nutrition Consultations that we provide works with stress and protocols to help the different levels of stress that may be affecting you. The protocol if you have long term stress and exhaustion is different to if you are wired and running on adrenalin. Both are equally important to look at before things exacerbate and contribute to a whole host of other symptoms that can really impact your life.


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Hilary has helped literally thousands of people with stress and all the symptoms that accompany stress. These include irritability, anxiety, overwhelm, panic, exhaustion and depression. Stress can also contribute to bloating, stomach pains, wind, headaches, dry skin, weight issues, dark circles under the eyes, fatigue, insomnia and indigestion. These are common everyday problems which are very real for people and can have an impact on quality of life, both at home and at work. 

Take your first step today towards feeling calm yet energised and performing at your optimum level - Book online here

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