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Fatigue is the number one, most common symptom that clients come to us for. This can mean different things to different people. You may be completely exhausted or you may be wired, living on your adrenalin, but underneath your body is fighting to stay above afloat. Being tired in the morning and being unable to switch off at night, causing insomnia, are some of the side effects of this. This negative cycle can worsen over time, as the body becomes more depleted and this can lower the immune system and lead to a virus. With fatigue and tiredness also comes a potential for feeling down or depression with feelings of overwhelm, tension, irritability, anxiety and potentially a lack of concentration and poor memory.

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Your fatigue and tiredness may be happening for many reasons, for example, it could be that you have continued to keep going when your body was crying out for a rest which has started to deplete your body of nutrients and upset the balance of several hormones in your body. Alternatively, your tiredness may be due to a gut pathogen, causing your body to get very fatigued and contributing to other symptoms of bloating and digestive issues. These are just two of the ways that fatigue can strike. You may have a combination of these issues. With all her experience, with so many people, Hilary can help you to get to the root of where your fatigue or tiredness is coming from and get you back on track so that you can get on with your life

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Hilary has helped thousads and thousands of people who have come to her with issues of fatigue, tiredness or low energy. These symptoms are the body’s way of telling you that something is out of balance in your body, and perhaps in your life. The body is clever and it will let you know that it is unhappy with its situation. Hilary will help to get to you into a positive cycle of energy and help you to effectively climb out of the cycle that has become a way of life. Find out how you can boost your energy levels, feel energised, from the minute you wake up and throughout the day. More energy will mean that you will be able to be more active and more healthy, more positive and motivated. Our energy boosting program can also help to enhance your performance and increase your concentration and memory. A Win -Win!


Some common symptoms that are also associated with fatigue, tiredness and low energy are feeling down or ‘blue’, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, exhaustion, overwhelm, stress and depression. Conditions linked to fatigue and low energy are bloating, flatulence, wind, indigestion, stomach pains, IBS, diarrhoea, constipation, headaches, dry skin, dark circles under the eyes and weight issues. Often people will come with more than one symptom but they are linked by their underlying cause.


At Think Nutrition, it is our commitment to look at all the factors that may be contributing to your fatigue so that you can start to feel energised, full of vitality and happier, filling your life with new motivation and positivity.

These symptoms are common, everyday symptoms which are very real for people and can have a big impact on quality of life, both at home and at work. 


If any of these symptoms are affecting you, take your first step today to transform your energy and, in turn, how you look and feel.


Take a step towards regaining your health and vitality.

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