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  Do you have a low thyroid function?

  • Are you feeling tired or exhaustion?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by small things ?

  • Are you experiencing hair loss

  • Do you have dry skin

  • Are you losing or gaining weight ?


If so, you may be experiencing a poor thyroid function which can, if left, lead to more severe symptoms. 


The Thyroid Test can test if you have a low thryoid or sluggish thyroid function by testing for active T3 and inactive T4 (GP's only measure for inactive T4). Therefore, this test is ideal if you are experiencing sluggishness, weight gain or hair loss, dry skin and fatigue.

​To Order Your Test:

A Nutrition Consultation is recommended before ordering any of these tests to ensure that you order the appropriate test for your needs. Please note that when you click on the ORDER A TEST button, you will go through to the Genova Diagnostics website ( to order your test kit and you will need our practitioner code inorder to proceed. You will find our practitioner code on your original Nutrition Consultation or Coaching booking confirmation email. Find your test in the A-Z list, add the quantity and then click UPDATE, add any other tests, and click CHECKOUT. Once you receive your test kit, please read the Collection Instructions carefully to make sure that you are not taking any medications that may interfere with the test and prevent you from taking it. You will also be shown how send your sample(s) back to the laboratory - please check on these instructions, if your sample(s) must be frozen as soon as they are collected and prior to being transported.

With the exception of Food Intolerance Tests, a Nutrition Consultation is recommended before ordering any tests.


Urine Specimen

CODE: end08

The elevation of thyroid hormone levels in urine, assesses tissue exposure to thyroid hormones over a 24-hour period (T3/T4). The urine thyroid test therefore serves as a valuable tool for detecting those people that are suffering from thyroid dysfunction, particularly low grade hypothyroidism who might otherwise go undetected through standard blood tests (T4 only).


Saliva Specimen

CODE: end026

A cost effective method of combining the urine thyroid hormone test (T3/T4) with urinary iodine. Iodine is vital for optimal thyroid health and deficienies are often implicated in hypothyroidism. An Adrenal Stress Test may be also recommended to test for underlying Adrenal Stress which can contribute to thyroid imbalances. Symptoms such as anxiety, hair loss, stress related symptoms and feeling cold can all be symptoms of thyroid imbalance.


Saliva Specimen

CODE: end05

The Adrenal Thyroid Profile consists of the Adrenal Stress Profile (cortisol and DHEA) as well as testing for urinary active T3 thyroid hormone levels, which give an accurate reflection of your overall thyroid hormone levels. Adrenal evaluation is considered for people with fatigue and a host of other health complaints resulting from a history of chronic stress. This test is for people with hypothyroidism, due to the close interaction of the adrenal glands.


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