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Mental health is a big buzz word at the moment. It is an umbrella term used to describe mental thoughts, as well as emotions and feelings. For example, grief, stress or trauma, if left unchecked, can lead to anxiety which can spiral into deeper feelings of overwhelm, not being able to cope, drained energy, mental confusion, feeling unable to get help, stuck in a corner, trapped in a negative cycle, depression or feeling blue. This myriad of feelings, thoughts and emotions can all impact a person's mental health. This, inturn, can impact a person's relationships both at home and at work, with family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. A persons' inability to cope with day-to-day life can become dominating, feeling overwhelmed, struggling to keep up with the basics of life, knocking one's confidence, and, often, causing great upset.


At ThinkNutrition, we are very used to working with people who have sought our help, often in desperation, unable to find help elsewhere. We recognise that this is not a happy or productive place to stay in, and work together, holistically, to rebalance any underlying biochemical factors and put in step-by-step actions to get people back into balance and back on track again.


Challenging situations, whether it be with a colleague in the workplace, financial worries, difficulties in a relationship, or past trauma/childhood issues that keep resurfacing, can all affect one's mental health. In addition, what is troubling or affecting one person, may not necessarily affect another person and this can make a person feel isolated and alone. As humans, we are set up with a similar biochemistry, however, one person's experience may vary in type and severity from another person's, depending on how the long the trigger has been going on for and the person's lifestyle and sensitivity to situations. Mental health, therefore, is not a static, cut and dried term - it ebbs and flows like a river. We are here to help the river flow harmoniously, in the right direction, for that particular time and place, taking into consideration the persons' lifestyle, environment, their personal boundaries and any triggers.

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We acknowledge that everyone is individual and that everyone's need are different. We are compassionate for each person's circumstances and look at all areas with a holistic approach, in an empathetic manner. We have had huge success with people of all genders and ages, who have been desperate to find a solution and have found the help they needed with us. We are always committed to helping our clients feeling calm, grounded, centred and back in life again.

We also include eating disorders in this section and have had tremendous success in this area and are always happy to be of assistance, working in confidence, with anyone seeking our help. We are also especially welcoming of young people, who perhaps are struggling with an issue that may be affecting them mentally or emotionally and which may also be impacting them physically.


Remember that you do not need to suffer alone in what you are experiencing, there is help at hand. We have had a great deal of experience in helping people get back to living engaging, productive lives again. There are no promises but there is, as we have successfully found, a systematic approach to helping the body come back into balance and making sure that the body is performing at an optimum level. This helps to the body, mind, thoughts and emotions come back into alignment. This, in itself, is calming, rejuvenating and nurturing. Then, we work with you, so that you can find your equilibrium and have your best life - you only get one life, and you deserve that yours is a good one!

Take your first step today towards looking and feeling your best again.

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