At Think Nutrition, Diagnostic Tests have become pivotal to understanding the root of many health concerns. We offer diagnostic tests from laboratories utilising cutting-edge technologies providing valuable insight and immediate, actionable clinical information to use with our clients. Diagnostic Testing can help to identify factors that may be contributing to your health concerns at a core level, resulting in more effective results for you. 


We offer an extensive range of diagnostic tests including Male Hormone Tests and Female Hormone Tests, a Complete Hormones™ Test, Digestive Tests, Comprehensive Gut Tests and Food Intolerance Tests. We also offer the Chronic Fatigue Screen, which tests various biomarkers that can contribute to chronic fatigue. Take a look too, at the Metabolomix+ Test, a unique combination of nutritional tests that provide a personalised assessment of key nutritional biomarkers in your body. All of the tests which we offer are processed at highly respected, state of the art laboratories and utilise a home sample from either saliva, stool or a pinprick of blood. 

As more clients take an active role in managing their health and proactive prevention of disease states, these diagnostic tests provide an indepth assessment of certain aspects of a person’s health whether it be hormonal, metabolic, digestive or gut related. With diagnostic testing, we can start to build a picture of which factors need to be rebalanced, detoxified, boosted or strengthened and help you from a foundational level upwards. Offering detailed graphic reports, these diagnostic tests facilitate a better understanding for us to help you with the development of a personalised, focused approach and protocol for you. 



A clear mind, healthy weight, positive outlook and an ability to cope with stress are all attributes which our clients aspire to. Unfortunately, in a world of deadlines and juggling time, the body is being put under immense pressure which is causing pathogenic toxins, stress, nutrient deficiencies, metabolic and hormonal imbalances. Rather than the outcome of this being 'nagging' symptoms or even more chronic ones, it is wise to look ahead and use Diagnostic Testing to become aware of any nutrient deficiencies, imbalances or toxicities and be proactive in your approach to your health and wellbeing. 

With the exception of Food Intolerance Tests, a Nutrition Consultation is recommended before ordering any tests


Food Intolerance Test for 190 foods, includes a IgG Candida Test, as fungal overgrowth is associated with food intolerances and IBS, bloating, pain and wind.


These comprehensive tests give actionable information and an invaluable insight into your gastrointestinal health. Ideal for IBS, wind, indigestion, pain or bloating.


For hormone related symptoms in both men and women: weight gain, ‘beer belly’, sex drive, insomnia, headaches, hot flushes, poor memory, focus levels, PMS and infertility.


An analysis of various factors that may be implicated in chronic complaints from fatigue, mood disorders and anxiety to fibromyalgia and digestive problems such as IBS.


Utilising cutting-edge technologies, this is a personalised assessment of key functional nutritional biomarkers in your body. Take a proactive approach to your health today.


Ideal if you are living a busy, 21st Century life and feeling under par, feeling tired, down, worn out, gaining weight or experiencing anxiety, a poor memory or low libido.


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The information contained in this website is not intended to be diagnostic or a substitute for medical assistance.

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