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Anxiety has been one of our most sought after services during the past 20 years, and is now more sought after than ever. This has been compounded with Covid and now the financial concerns facing everyday people, living everyday lives. Survival issues are at the forefront of people's minds right now and as survival is our most basic instinct, concerns about how to achieve this, can cause stress and anxiety. Anxiety is different to stress. Stress happens to us, but anxiety is how we cope with the stressors put upon us. People who have already gone through stressful times, and are now finding more and more stress put upon them, or people who have gone through a bereavement and are now coping with financial pressures too, or those who have already suffered a trauma may find that their anxiety levels are shooting up. Those who are in the peri menopause or menopause can also have anxiety as a major symptom.

At ThinkNutrition, we are extremely experienced in helping people find more balance biochemically, to cope with stress and anxiety.


Anxiety can be caused by challenging situations whether it be with a colleague in the workplace, financial worries, difficulties in a relationship, or past trauma/childhood issues that keep resurfacing. In addition, what is troubling or affecting one person, may not necessarily affect another person and this can make a person feel isolated and alone. 


We acknowledge that everyone is individual and that everyone's needs are different. We are compassionate for each person's circumstances and look at all areas with a holistic approach, in an empathetic manner.

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Anxiety can also cause exhaustion and leave you feeling drained, unfocused, fuzzy headed or unable to think straight. However, although rest is good, anxiety does not necessarily get better just with rest alone. Over the years, we have used a focused, systematic, often holistic approach for our clients. Our work with anxiety has been extremely fulfilling, as we see people reclaim their vitality, their enjoyment of life, experiencing new ventures and life again with loved ones, who often have been very worried about them.


We have found that a systematic approach to helping the body come back into balance and making sure that the body is performing at an optimum level can be life changing. Anxiety is not something which we have when we are born, it is acquired, and, as such, with the right tools, in the right circumstances, may be overcome, with an empathetic and holistic approach.



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