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ThinkNutrition - Skin

We have helped thousands of people with all kinds of health concerns over the last 21 years.

Here we shall be looking at skin concerns. Skin concerns are very common in our practice and we work alongside dermatologists to help skin issues from the inside out.

Skin Concerns

The skin is the largest detoxification organ of the body. As such, toxins that build up in the body, can manifest as skin conditions. Simply put, if you have a toxins, for example, in the gut due to bad bacteria or parasites, these result in toxins and can give rise to skin conditions from psoriasis to eczema depending on the culprit!

Skin Conditions:

Are you experiencing any of the following skin conditions ?

  • Eczema

  • Itchy Skin

  • Psoriasis

  • Acne

  • Rashes

  • Acne Rosacea

Skin conditions such as these are really common but it is not always drugs that can help, leaving people upset and dispondant, not knowing where to turn.

In our experience with skin conditions, especially the severe ones, once the culprit is uncovered, often through a biochemical testing which we offer, and the toxins removed, the skin can settle down and the skin issue resolves - this has been the case for hundreds and hundreds of our clients who have had skin concerns. Often these people have been suffering for many years without success. So imagine how they are when their skin clears in weeks.

It is important to look at skin in a holistic way, from the inside out, to gain the full benefit, not just with pharmaceutical preparations.

A person with skin concerns may also be experiencing other health concerns. Therefore, these sub issues can also be addressed when a skin protocol is put in place, as well as the main skin issue.

We have helped a wide variety of skin conditions, successfully. It is important to address the underlying factors to prevent repeated skin concerns becoming worse. The longer skin symptoms are left, the more ingrained and chronic they become. Our advise would be to professional help from us and do not leave it.

We have helped so many people with skin concerns - be one of those people and get in touch today.

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