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ThinkNutrition - IBS

We have helped thousands of people with all kinds of health concerns over the last 21 years.

Here we shall be looking at IBS. IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is one of the most common health concerns that GP's refer clients to us for. It is also the most requested issue for help in our practice.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

So many people come to us with what they describe as IBS symptoms. So, what are these IBS symptoms ?

Here are a list of common IBS symptoms that you may recognise.

IBS Symptoms

Do you experience any of these ?

  • Diarrhoea and/or constipation

  • Pain

  • Bloating

  • Heaviness in the gut

  • Weight gain/weight loss

  • Urgency to the toilet

  • Feeling washed out/exhausted

IBS can be a combination of fluctuating diarrhoea and constipation, with perhaps one being more prevalent and often this is diarrhoea. This can often be accompanied by pain, often a great deal of pain, and bloating. Some people also experience an urgency for going to the toilet which can really affect their timetable and what they can do, plus it can cause alot of anxiety mentally, and go on to affect their quality of life. This may also result in either weight gain or weight loss, depending on the factors that are underlying the IBS.

In our experience with IBS, and we have had a lot of it over the last 20+ years, there is usually more than one culprit at work in the gut - hence the variety of symptoms. We have had great success with IBS, and once the underlying cause has been identified, often through a biochemical test, we get to detoxifying it and rebalancing the system. This filters through to not only the gut, but other body systems that can be affected by the culprit, including:

  • Immune System

  • Digestive System

  • Nervous System

  • Hormonal System

  • Reproductive System

For this reason, a person with IBS is often also experiencing other health concerns. Therefore, these sub issues can also be addressed when an IBS protocol is put in place, as well as the main concern of IBS.

We have an indepth understanding of IBS as well as IBD (Irritable Bowel Disorder) which can develop if IBS progresses without being addressed. The culprits, as some people think, do not always go away - even after some years - they can be in the system, affecting the health of the person over time. The person can suffer from repeated health concerns and gradually their health deteriorates. The longer IBS symptoms are left, the more ingrained and chronic they become. Our advise would be to professional help from us and do not leave it.

We have helped so many people with IBS to go on to have pain free, happy, active lives - be one of those people and get in touch today.

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