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If you are experiencing low energy, PMS, cravings, weight gain, fat increase, overwhelm, moodiness or subfertility, a female hormone test may be just the place to start.

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From the onset of your period through menopause and beyond, proper hormone balance affects many of the issues most important to you: sex, fertility, mood, relationships and even your outlook on life. 


Throughout your life, hormones play a crucial role in maintaining your health. Your body produces these chemicals to stabilise many of its systems. Proper balance of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone are essential for optimal muscle tone, bone health, libido, fertility and a healthy menstrual cycle.


Healthy hormone balance can have a number of positive benefits for women of all ages, including optimal skin tone, easier weight management and increased energy levels. Imbalanced hormones also affect sleep, metabolic rate and immune system function, and contribute to the development of osteoporosis, breast and endometrial cancer, and heart disease.


This test is recommended for all women with fertility issues or if experiencing miscarriage.


Many women entering their 40s or 50s experience a range of symptoms from hormonal imbalance, including loss of sex drive, “brain fog”, weight gain, hot flushes, irregular menstrual cycles, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, depression and/or changes in sleep  patterns. Establishing baseline measures is essential to determining the need for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or other means of balancing  hormones.


With proper insights, dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental changes can be made to regulate hormone production.

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This test is based on saliva samples which are taken at home. Follow the instructions carefully and then send off the samples to the laboratory as directed. The results are sent to Hilary who will send them on to you once they have been looked at.


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