Candida Test & Parasite Test

This comprehensive gut test identifies levels of good bacteria, pathogenic or harmful bacteria, as well as yeasts and fungal overgrowth including Candida. Certainly, over the last 20 years, Candida has been very much one of the culprits and people who have been helped with Candida in our clinic have lost excess weight and found a reduction in tiredness, bloating, constipation, headaches, indigestion, acid reflux, skin rashes, eczema, acne, cravings, dark circles under the eyes, psoriasis, dry skin, brittle nails, and other ‘nagging’ problems.


Have you got Candida?


However, in the last few years new, more virulent bacterias  seem to showing up on the tests and people with these seems to have any of the above problems but with more severity and they seems to be more aggressive which can cause an enormous amount of upset and anxiety as they do not know what to do about it. Many may have tried antibiotics but these bacterias are very resistant and proving hard to get rid of with standard issue antibiotics. The test shows susceptibility and resistance levels to a variety of antibiotics as well as giving a protocol using natural, herbal preparations. This also means you can either choose a more holistic, natural herbal route or go to your doctor more informed, knowing exactly which antibiotics may help against a certain bacteria, or in many cases as there is more than one bacteria involved, it is possible to choose the antibiotic which is most likely to help all the bacterias that have shown up on the test.


We generally think of parasite infections as causing acute gastrointestinal symptoms. An increasing number of parasite cases feature systemic complaints not traditionally associated with parasites, such as: Crohns, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or IBD, ulcerative colitis, subfertility, severe skin complaints, reactive arthritis, migraines, headaches, alopecia, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma and M.E. We have also had many tests back for those with bowel and liver cancer showing TMC for parasites (Too Many to Count) and coincidentally when these peoples parasites were eradicated, the client was given the all clear from cancer. We are now working closely with oncologists in this area - see Testimonials 


This stool test can help reveal hidden causes behind acute & chronic conditions that may develop from gastrointestinal infections. It is a home sample test kit which requires a stool sample which is then sent off to the lab (£157).


If you would like a Candida test included with a Food Intolerance Test, this is available as a home kit which is then sent to the lab (£175). Visit: Food Intolerances for more information.

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Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms of Candida and Parasites ?


  • ​​Diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, IBS or IBD
  • Wind, flatulence (pungent) bad breath, coated tongue
  • Acid reflux, indigestion, difficulty digesting food
  • Suspected food intolerances
  • Itchy skin, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, blistered skin, pimples
  • Stomach pains, tenderness, inflammatory bowel conditions
  • Feeling tired, lethargic, fatigue, hard to get up in the morning
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Depression, feeling down or 'blue', anxiety, panic
  • Joint or muscle pain, arthritis or fibromyalgia
  • Weight changes, sudden weight loss, inability to lose weight
  • Anorexia or Bulimia 
  • Severe cravings for either sugar, carbs, cheese, bread or wine
  • Loss of appetite


If you are experiencing 2 or more of the above, you may be experiencing a combination of Candida and/or a Parasitic Infection. 



'I have just lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks with Hilary's guidance and having a test to see what was causing my bloated tummy, wind and gas.' Suzanne, Leicestershire

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