Adrenal Stress Test

Feeling overwhelmed, fatigue, anxious, irritable?


Are you finding it hard to focus, forgetful?


Are you putting on weight for no reason or finding it hard to lose weight when it wasn't a problem before?


Experiencing low libido, subfertility, poor erection, uninterested in sex?


Are you finding it hard to switch off, relax, get to sleep?


Do you find it hard to feel really awake and alert in the morning ?

If so, you may be experiencing adrenal stress which can if left, lead to burnout. Answer the more indepth questionnaire on the download below. 

The Adrenals glands are made up of two different functioning parts and produce two different hormones, adrenaline for short term stress and cortisol for long term stress. Acute, momentary stress calls for adrenaline, for instance when you need to get out of the way of a moving car or if someone makes you jump. When stress has been occuring in your life ongoingly, the body clicks out of adrenaline mode and into cortisol mode, just like gears shifting in a car from 1st to 4th. The body then cruises along producing cortisol to buffer that stress. However, this all comes at a price and it is this that is measured. The impact of low cortisol can be anxiety, overwhelm, a lowered immune system, weight gain or an inability to lose weight, poor sleep patterns or waking up still tired, poor sex life, addictions, insomnia in some cases, and also depression, feeling down, irritable, and cravings are all possible signs that the body needs rebalancing. 


Note: This can also affect the thyroid causing unexplained weight gain and an inability to lose weight. If  this is the case, the adrenals should be tested as well as the thyroid.


The Adrenals can also affect Male and Female Hormones - this test is included in the Male and Female Hormone Tests.

Adrenal Stress Test Questionnaire.pdf
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