Hi Hilary! Just wanted to say thank you! I’m feeling much better, hot flushes almost gone!!! Thank you ? xo Rima

Thank you, and I so very much appreciate all your help when we last met.

During that evening I read all the notes over several times, and from that evening on I changed all my diet. Straight away it made a vast difference, and I have now gone for 2 weeks without any horrid bowel upsets.' Georgina

'I would like another consultation with you please. I met with the hospital surgeon yesterday. The tumour has shrunk significantly.' Maureen McManus with Cancer

Just wanted to first say a HUGEST MASSIVEST thank you for today! It was exactly what I needed and I feel ready to do what is needed to make that change. No words can thank you enough ??❤️ Kelin

'As you know, I couldn't even function, I had to rush to the toilet every half an our and that meant I couldn't go out. I became isolated and you were my only hope as my doctor said it was just stress. It's incredible what you uncovered and how you helped me and now I can go out when I want. Thank you, I got my life back x.' Susannah, London

'I came to you wanting help with my skin, bloating and fertility issues of not being able to conceive. Your understanding is amazing and I really am grateful for your help. I am now pregant and I truly never thought that would happen. Bless you x'. Helen, London

'I was severely hampered with many health issues and you have helped them all. I am eternally grateful.' Georgina, Rutland

'You saved my life Hilary! I had diabetes and my doctor recommened I came to see you and thank goodness I did! You got my blood sugar to below the diabetes level so I don't have diabetes anymore - I can't believe it in 6 weeks! I just wanted people to know there's an alternative out there. Best decision I've made! Peter, Leicester

'I hadn't got any answers from the medical profession and in one session, Hilary has got to grips with what was going on for me. I was about to have to leave my work due to complete burnout but now I'm feeling good again and sleeping better than I have in a year. I have referred her to my mum and my aunt.' Alex, Nottingham

'Hi Hilary, I just weighed myself and I have lost 6 pounds in a week just by not eating the things you told me to. Most importantly...I never thought this was possible. My mind set has completely changed and I feel more mindful and positive about my health and my future. Thank you for doing what you do and helping me make these changes. From a very happy and emotional client xxx' Aisha, Leicester

'Hi Hilary, Wanted to let you know how i'm feeliing-Amazing!! The feelings of constant stress and tension I felt have GONE!! Like totally disappeared. I feel normal again and able to deal with life's stressors in a normal way, plus I just generally feel much more relaxed!!! I can't believe that they have worked so well but I do feel so much better and less like a 'traumatised rabbit in headlights. Kim x'

'Hello Hilary thanks so much for today it was amazing and your knowledge and understanding is outstanding.' Christine

'I went to Hilary not knowing why I had tiredness, dry skin, bloating and stomach pains. In one session she helped me to understand what was behind my problems and how to sort it out. Hilary was very friendly and knowledgeable. I have now lost 2 stone in weight in 3 months and I am extremely grateful to her.' Steve G, Leicester

Dear Hilary, your nutrition advice for cancer has worked very well, tumour much reduced, 20kg weight loss achieved, am now accepted for major surgery in september. many thanks for your advice and help which greatly helped my situation, will let you know how op went, Many thanks Ken

Ken. Leicester, cancer patient 

‘I can’t believe that in 5 minutes you have explained why my hair is falling out and the doctors can’t, so glad I came to you for Reiki and now you have helped me with all your knowledge of the body and Nutrition. A big thank you to you Hilary’, J. Leicester

'Hi Hilary, Just wanted to give you some feedback on how I was feeling after my last visit. For some years now I have been frustrated by my dry and croaky throat that has turned into a daily ritual of sweet sucking and throat clearing. Then, on top of this new norm, has become constipation, bloating and weight gain. I am a professional women in her 60's working full time - long and demanding hours have left me with little time to think about myself and sorting out these irritating habits. Suffering with painful constipation, I had to give in and go to the doctors. He gave me some powders andf he said I could take as many as I needed and for the rest of my life if necessary, as they would not be harmful. I had 2 blood tests (1st got lost) to confirm I did not have bowel cancer as this runs in my family. On the spur of the moment, I googled Hilary Kingston and within 3 days I had an appointment at a clinic not far from where I live.


Hilary was not what I expected from a Harley Street practitioner, she was light, soft, watchful, has an openness to other aspects of your life that may need healing in order to resolve your feeling of good health and well being. Following the consultation, I was advised to have some tests that would show what the bacteria was doing in my gut and from that we could make a plan. Within 2 weeks of not eating any of the things she told me to cut out just temporarily, there had been an amazing change. I was no longer having issue with my throat and I was sleeping better. I gradually started to loose weight and my clothes felt more comfortable as I was not so bloated and constipated. My mood lifted and I felt less confused about what I should eat. The test came back and I was relieved to see that the results were in line with our plan.


Meeting Hilary, was really life changing, she had such a positive effect on me, her calmness and her ability to connect with you is remarkable. I don't think we are used to being listened to properly. Even when you go to the doctors, there is a point where they have moved on, but Hilary stays with you, and connects on a deeper level.


Really I was ready for change and fed up with my own bad habits and it was my good luck when I googled nutritionist and her name came up first.' Anka, Leicester.

'I had a number of problems. Overweight, acne, hypothyroidism, dealing with bereavement and work stress. Hilary was the first person to approach my situation holistically. Apart from my long list of problems she also eluded to the fact that I had candida and got rid of the candida as well as my food intolerances. She patiently worked with me and I learned alot about how and what to eat and how are all connected. Under her guidance my condition has significantly improved. Now 20kg lighter, my skin has almost cleared and for the first time in my life I feel amazing! She has helped me deal with all of my problems, balance my nutrition, and my whole being as well. She is an amazing person, she takes the time to hear you out and works with you with an exceptional dedication to achieve your goals. She loves what she does, she is committed and motivates you along the way. Thank you so much! Couldn't have found a better professional and person!' Ioanna, London

'Hi Hilary, done what you told me and no stomach issues for the last couple of months so I'm really pleased, hope you are well, thanks again.'

C Pendell, Leicester

'After years of suffering with a pain and bloated stomach, with very little relief from the many other treatments I've tried, I have been delighted with the results I have got in such a short space of time after seeing Hilary. She was easily able to identify where my problems lie and through her recommendations and simple dietary changes I have made significant improvements in a matter of weeks. I can't thank her enough as I had thought there was never going to be a solution but I now feel better then I could have imagined'. Heather King (after one consultation)

'Since I have been back the anxiety has gone and the depression lessened considerably. I have set the medication aside again and am sleeping much better. I have kept up the diet and the supplements, my constipation has eased too, which is a relief. I really do believe the process you started has benefitted me. In the past week I have been comfortable in my skin in a way I haven't been for almost a year. I can't thank you enough for your care and guidance'. (preferred name to be withheld)

'Well I just want to thank you, I really feel so good with my nutrition plan and it's definately working.' Linda P, Leicester

'I went to Hilary because I wanted to see how I could help myself with regard to Nutrition and Cancer. What happened was amazing and quite unexpected. Hilary suggested that I have a gut test done which I did through her. It showed up parasites in my gut. We got rid of the parasites with Hilary and then I went to my consultant who was amazed because the cancer had gone too. I would encourage anyone out there to look at all avenues if they have cancer. Hilary explained lots to me and my wife that we never knew about and she really helped us to understand about cancer and how it progresses in the body. The nurses treating me also couldn't believe how well I looked and how well I was. She basically saved my life for which I will always be utterly grateful'.

Cancer patient, Leicester

'Just to pass on that a lady who had breast cancer was given the all clear and the consultant said it had a huge part to do with in the diet plan given to her by Hilary whilst she was doing free talks at Coping with Cancer in Leicester'. Kenneth

'I've followed the plan you gave me and had no stomach issues for the last couple of months so I'm really pleased. Thanks again' Christian P, Leicester

'On the day I came to see Hilary I had severe anxiety and I suffer with agraphobia, Hilary did some Reiki for me and after she'd finished it had completely gone away!.' Elaine, Leicester

'I hope this helps others - my dad found out about Hilary and she helped me so much and now I'm modelling in Milan and eating sensibly how Hilary has told me to. I'm really happy and she is a lovely person.'

Libby (had anorexia), London

'I lost 6 pounds in a week following Hilary's advise and I'm still losing weight and feeling great, very pleased!' S. Harrison, Leicester

'After an inital period of detoxifying after seeing Hilary, my bloating & heavy feeling has gone and my stomach feels better. My race times have improved and everyone around me is saying how my performance has improved.'

B. Darcy (Personal Trainer & competitive runner)

(has cancer of the lungs, came to me with kidney failure post chemotherapy)

'Just thought I would let you know that my Dad is really following your advice and giving it 100%, He went to the dr yesterday and his kidney function has gone up to 25% the dr is really happy'. Mr C, Leicester (privacy)

'We have got our life back on track now, and I have been given the all clear from bowel cancer which is amazing. My oncologist and consultants are really impressed and want to know what I have been doing with Hilary to get this result and the nurses keep asking how come I can be so healthy during the chemotherapy. It's all been down to Hilary's advise. I can't thank her enough.

Chris, Leicester

'Morning Hilary! Just to say thank you for last night, I feel great today.' Fiona G (had been feeling depression, anxiety and insomnia - she text me after a nutrition and reiki healing session)

'My skin has cleared up and i'm very grateful, thank you Hilary.' J.D, London

'Hilary has helped my client lose weight, clear his skin, improve his digestion, so he is much easier to train and get results with'. Danny At Addapt Gym - Neil's Personal Trainer

'Suffering from diabetes, coeliacs disease, hypothyroidism  and osteoporosis my diet was fairly strict but i still wasnt feeling 100% and didnt know why. For years the doctors told me i was fine then one after another discovered these complications. So of course i should feel much better now, well until the next condition was discovered and this pattern repeated for awhile. Now just seem to be doom and gloom and if im not feeling right i should just accept it now! However throughout the whole process they never mentioned about my diet or naturally trying to solve issues! Take a tablet and another for that was the usual. I found Hilary through internet searching and quickly understood alot more about my nutrition. With tweaking here and there i may not be 100% but much better and most important i know what im doing now with confidence to go a head. I dont have to feel like i did, no doom and gloom anymore. I know im on the right track! Also Hilary helped me personally, she is really easy to talk to. I quickly  found myself opening up and spoke to her on a personal level. Never felt judged, it was just right we can sort this. Shes has shown me not how to fight but to fight correctly. Hilary is not just a nutritionist, Hilary deals with mind, body and soul, we forget that these are connected and make a huge impact. Shes special indeed I name her SuperHils!' Monty, Leicester

'I have lost 10 pounds since I first came to Hilary, that was 3 weeks ago, and everyone is commenting on how I look which is nice and asking how I did it. I've also embarked on a nutrition and exercise plan thanks to Hilary's advice and help.' Claire, Leicester

'After many months of trying to lose weight and tone up for my wedding, I met Hilary Kingston who has helped me change my life! She has given me nutrition advice and done personal training with me, and I am now 4 kg's lighter after a month and without starving myself. I feel more focused and energetic, and have since been able to stop taking medication for stomach acid. I am really happy and everyone has noticed my new slimmer shape!  I spoke to my friend Cathy yesterday and she says she'll contact you towards the end of the month to come and see you'. Jackie, international jeweller, London & abroad

'I just thought I would give you an update. I feel SO much better! I cannot believe what a difference it makes by just changing your diet!! Thank you for your help.' Niki, Oakham (extreme fatigue)

'Good news from me, as I am currectly feeling much better. My eczema has calmed down, and my chest pains are now only occassional and I feel as though I am on the mend, thank you, Della.' London

'Ive noticed I've been feeling happier and lighter, thank you so much'. Mandeep

Hi Hilary, I really found my visit to you very informative and feel much more positive and feel you can help me and things can change, Thank you, Kerry,' London.



'I have just lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks with Hilary's guidance and having a test to see what was causing my bloated tummy, wind and gas.' Suzanne, Leicestershire

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