You can now access our Online Nutritionist Consultations, with top Nutritionist, Hilary Kingston, from anywhere in the UK, in the comfort of your own home or office. Online Nutritionist Consultations are an effective way to regain your health and wellbeing, increase your performance, 'brain power' and wake up feeling fresher and more energised. 


Your Online Nutritionist Consultation will always be bespoke and aimed towards your specific health concerns, focusing on the underlying factors that may be contributing to your symptoms. Hilary has a vast knowledge of people’s health problems and has helped over 8,000 people to feel better and achieve their goals. From bloating and skin concerns to headaches and exhaustion, she has helped with all types of symptoms, ranging from minor conditions to more serious problems that have been unable to find help elsewhere. She also helps those who are seeking a natural approach before embarking on long term medication. For fees and booking, go to the Booking page.

Online Nutritionist London

Your online Nutritionist Consultation will help to identify which underlying factors may be contributing to your health concerns, looking at the root causes to help your symptoms from a core level. Your protocol will be devised to specifically suit your body whether it be to detoxify, rebalance or strengthen your system. Diagnostic Tests can be recommended if it helps with your protocol or your symptoms have been prolonged. At ThinkNutrition, our online Nutritionist Consultations are results orientated, focused, yet easy to follow. 

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For regular input and motivation, to inspire you in creating a NEW YOU, we also offer Nutrition Coaching including Weight Loss Coaching or Health and Wellbeing Coaching. Our online Nutrition coaching programs are a great way to transform yourself, for a special birthday, a special event or holiday, or because you just feel it is time to get your life on track again. Combining functional and optimum nutrition, holistic approaches and life coaching, this is the time to leave the past behind you, move forward positively, looking and feeling your best with confidence and vitality. 


“I went to Hilary not knowing why I had tiredness, dry skin, bloating and stomach pains to understanding what was behind my problems and sorting it out.” 

Chris, London

“Our son's rashes, blistering, bleeding skin went to normal again within six weeks of seeing Hilary about it - a miracle!” 

Carlos's Father, London

“I was severely hampered with many health issues and you have helped them all. I am eternally grateful.” 

Georgina, Rutland
Online Nutritionist London



From Top UK Online Nutritionist, Hilary Kingston, here are some of the health concerns from the last 20 years that clients have presented:


Fatigue, anxiety, mood issues, insomnia, digestive disorders, wind, gas, flatulence, bloating, pain, inflammation, IBS, Crohns, candida, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, acid reflux, food intolerances, weightloss, weight gain, anorexia, bulimia, male hormones, low libido, lean muscle, long covid, fertility issues, female hormones menopause, perimenopause, hot flushes, PMS, infertility, headaches, migraines, thrush, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, rashes, acne, rosacea. MS, diabetes, depression, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.


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