Nutritionist Consultations

All nutrition consultations are personalised for the individual for optimum results. Please find below in clinic fees and online nutritionist consultations fees.

First Consultation*

Your first appointment is an indepth look at your biochemistry to see which factors may be contributing to your particular health concerns. Hilary will then explain what is potentially going on with your health, in an easy to understand way. Next, she will set up a personalised, functional nutritional program specifically designed to help these factors come back into balance and to help to restore your health. The consultation is primarily for specific health concerns or particular weight loss issues. It includes foods to avoid/increase personalised to you and specifically designed for your health concerns. In certain circumstances, laboratory tests may need to be undertaken, especially if the health concern is ongoing or severe. Consultations are for 1 hour.

£135.00 London

£125.00 Leicester

£95.00   Phone Consultation (50 minutes)


2nd Consultation / Test Results Consultations*

This is usually held about 4 weeks following your first consultation and/or following receipt of test results. The fee includes often in depth preparatory work on the test results prior to the consultation. 

£125.00 London

£115.00 Leicester 

£85.00   Phone Consultation (45 minutes)


Follow Up Consultations

After the 1st and 2nd Consultations, you may, if your case is indepth or your problems have been going on for a while before seeking help, need to come back for a follow up consultation. 

£105.00 London   

£95.00   Leicester 

£75.00   Phone Consultation (40 minutes)

Online Nutrition Consultations

1st Full Online Nutrition Consultation £95 (50 minutes)

A full online Nutrition Consultation in the comfort of your own home by phone or Skype. Ideal for busy people, who want to save time and money. This online nutritionist consultation will help you get to the root of your health concerns and devise a plan to help you move forward towards optimum health, wellbeing and vitality. 


2nd Follow Up Online Nutrition Consultation £85 (45 minutes)

An indepth Follow Up Consultation to go through tests results and/or make specific changes to your program.


Follow Up Online Nutrition Consultation £75 (40 minutes)

Note: For Follow Ups that are 6 months or more after the initial consultation, fees will revert back to £85.


Monthly or Weekly Online Nutrition/Life Coaching 

After having your full consultation and follow up, you may decide that you wish to continue by having a nutrition/life coach. Hilary can help you look at all the issues surrounding your health and wellbeing with holistic life coaching. This includes motivational coaching and setting goals, identifying blocks or areas holding you back, looking at getting you to optimum nutrition and peak performance, achieving the weight loss you desire or reaching your sport specific goals. 

£65 - 45 minutes

£45 - 30 minutes 


Note: For Online Nutrition Consultations and Coaching Session payment must be received 24 hours prior to the consultation.

*Please note: The above consultation charges do not include the cost of any tests. Functional Nutrition Tests maybe required at extra cost, however if you are on a budget, in most cases, professional tests can be optional.


Important: Cancellation Charges  - Also see Terms and Conditions

1. If a client wishes to cancel a consultation without incurring a charge, the client must provide the consultant with not less than 48 hours prior notice or reschedule the consultation.

2. If the client cancels the consultation by providing 24-48 hours prior notice to the consultant and does not reschedule, a 50% fee will be levied.

3. If the client cancels the consultation and provides the consultant with less than 24 hours prior notice and does not reschedule the consultation, then a 100% fee will be levied.

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'I have just lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks with Hilary's guidance and having a test to see what was causing my bloated tummy, wind and gas.' Suzanne, Leicestershire

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